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Whether you’re a content creator, a startup, or a well-established business, I’m dedicated to ensuring the comprehensive and legally compliant safeguarding of your intellectual property through trademarks and copyrights.

Based in Irving, Texas, I hold licenses in Texas, California, and Oklahoma – and I am proud to extend my services to clients across the U.S.

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Trademark law focuses on the symbols that form your business’s signature; they’re crucial for both startups and established companies because they help you stand out from the crowd.

As your dedicated trademarks lawyer, my role is to make sure that your business – and your brand – starts off on the right foot. To do this, I perform clearance searches that are designed to help you discover if any other ventures are using an identifier similar to yours. This is a critical step in branding – and legal compliance.

In addition to this, I also handle paperwork like trademark filings and responses to official requests. In situations when two parties agree to share the same trademark, I step in to ensure that they’re set up for legal harmony. And in more complex, high-stakes situations, I’ll serve as your go-to trademark prosecution lawyer, safeguarding your brand and its intellectual property rights – no matter what you may face.

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As a copyright attorney, my expertise lies in the intricate realm of copyright law: Where your original creations take center stage. Unlike trademarks, which safeguard symbols, copyrights protect the unique works you create. So securing copyright for your creations isn’t just important – it’s a fundamental step toward ensuring your long-term success.

I’m here to support you across the landscape of copyright law. I’ll personally guide you through the process of registration, ensuring that your works are granted the official protection they deserve. And when it comes to safeguarding your copyright in challenging situations, you can count on me to stand by your side, ready to enforce your rights whenever the need arises.

What’s more, I’m a skilled negotiator, well-versed in the nuances of the art. So whether it’s crafting your perfect licensing agreement or reaching an advantageous settlement, I’m prepared to safeguard your valuable creative work with thoughtfulness and innovation.

I’ve helped clients in over twenty different industries

No matter the product or service you offer, together we’ll resolve any trademark or contract concerns you have so that the legality of your business can be the least of your worries.

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Legal Support For Creatives & Influencers


I can draft and review a variety of contracts for you. These include documents for business organization, collaboration, independent contractors, non-disclosure, employee agreements, trademark licensing, and more. Every contract I work on is carefully written to protect your rights, ensuring fair terms with clear and enforceable clauses when necessary.


If you are an influencer aiming to broaden your audience while adhering to FTC guidelines, I offer a distinctive approach: I begin by diving into your social media world, following your online journey for two weeks. During this time, I study how you navigate the digital landscape. Then, I organize a workshop with your team to discuss any areas that could use a boost.

Together, we’ll work on perfecting those all-important elements like correct disclosure, disclaimers, and overall transparency in your marketing campaigns. The end goal? To help your brand and your online presence continue to flourish and grow.


Whether you’re confronted with a cease-and-desist letter from someone else, or need to send one yourself to safeguard your intellectual property, I’ve got you covered.

These letters serve as a potent means to clearly communicate and address any unauthorized use or infringement of a mark – and I have a knack for handling cease and desist letters in a way that is both precise and compelling.

The Mission

to give you access to legal protection, insight, and education so you can

grow your business with ease


Akruti Babaria, founder Kulture Khazana - testimonials for The Das Law Firm

"Amazing. Parul is efficient, very attentive and also a really nice person! Professional and innovative."

Andrea Ridout, White Rock Granola - testimonials for The Das Law Firm

“Parul is very professional, detail oriented, and approachable. She educated us through the process with excellent follow-up. Would definitely recommend.”

Seema Tejura, The Literacy Architects - testimonials for The Das Law Firm

"It's been great! I love how responsive Parul is. She is upfront about costs and always trys to stay within the given estimates. She is supportive, easy, and efficient”

Julia Lynch, Smarter in a sec - testimonials for The Das Law Firm

"Parul was excellent! She is super knowledgeable and generous with her time. She is an expert in the subject matter and a person you want in your corner.”



My hourly rate is $350 per hour.

Texas, California, and Oklahoma; however I have trademark clients in many states because it is a federal practice.

While the first 7 years of practice was primarily focused on healthcare litigation, I now represent a variety of clients. Their industries range from healthcare tech, engineering, consulting companies, e-commerce brands, mobile app creators, artists, graphic designers, and influencers.

What types of contracts do you draft/review? Business organization documents, collaboration agreements, independent contractor agreements, non-disclosure agreements, employee agreements, trademark licensing agreements and many more.

A $1500 + filing fees ($250-$350 per class of goods/services).

$500 per mark. However, if you are in the branding stage, we can work out a flat fee arrangement for numerous marks that need to be cleared.

Yes, for my influencer clients, I specifically follow them on social media for at least 2 weeks to get an idea of how they promote products/services and use affiliate links. Then, we have a call and/or workshop with them and their team to go over the FTC guidelines and how to comply with agency regulations and guidance to avoid fines and penalties.
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What Sets The Das Law Firm Apart


I’m not your typical legal advisor. Beyond offering legal guidance, I’m also a content creator and entrepreneur. On Instagram, I’m known for sharing nutrition-focused content and I’ve successfully launched two businesses selling digital education products online. This diverse background uniquely equips me to build genuine connections with many of my clients, going beyond the usual transactional approach often found in law firms without this kind of entrepreneurial experience.

What’s more, I come armed with over 15 years of legal experience, including seven years in healthcare litigation, dealing with cases in both state and federal courts. On top of that, I’ve filed more than 45 trademark applications and negotiated and settled over 15 cease and desist matters related to trademarks. I’ve also crafted more than 500 contracts and settlement agreements.

All in all, the combination of my diverse background and extensive legal experience enables me to provide you with well-rounded and effective legal support – no matter what your intellectual property needs may be.


My personal involvement in content creation and protection gives me a unique perspective that sets me apart. I leverage my firsthand experience – coupled with a genuine interest in delving into the intricacies of your business, strategies, and history – to truly understand your goals. Then, I tailor my services to serve your needs as if they were my own, ensuring that you get a fully personalized approach.

One of the ways I do this is by crafting tailored documents such as website terms and conditions, terms of purchase, refund policies, and privacy policies, among others. These documents are not just generic templates – they’re designed specifically to align with your unique IP and protect your rights.


I’m a firm believer that legal advice should be accessible and affordable. Personally, I hate receiving an invoice at an hourly rate – it can leave you feeling like you have no control over how many hours a firm might spend on your case. Unfortunately, this kind of uncertainty is all too common in the legal world.

This is exactly why I'm committed to sparing you from that stress. Whenever I can, I offer transparent, flat-rate pricing, so you know exactly what to expect. And when flat rates aren’t applicable, I make a point of communicating well in advance if it looks like my hours may exceed what I had initially estimated. This way, you get to stay informed and in control of your legal costs.


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