• By: Parul Das
  • Published: May 30, 2024
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Going It Alone & The Truth About “Legal AI”

AI is all the buzz lately, and many people seem to think it’s their one-click solution for everything, including business formation. While it’s true that AI is a good tool for general things, it is just that – a tool – and nothing more. I haven’t come across anyone who’s actually trusted AI to help them file their trademark application yet, and rightly so.

I have played around with these tools, asking legal questions I already know the answers to. However, I’m yet to be satisfied with the results it spits out at me. There are inaccuracies in the responses it provides because of the fact that AI uses all the information on the internet, including misinformation, so please do not fall into the trap of relying on this technology.

I’ve even tried to have AI draft a clause for me because I wanted to see how it would come out in comparison to a non-solicitation clause I already use. It was okay — but just okay. It didn’t take into account the certain scenarios that a strong clause would. So, while I think AI has the potential for some legal uses eventually, I haven’t been happy with it for anything yet.

Besides AI, LegalZoom is a common go-to, and many people mistakenly think the service can legitimately replace an attorney. Of course, it probably won’t surprise you that I have been on the “cleaning up end” of many clients who used it. This is painful for me because they have already paid LegalZoom, and I hate having to charge them on top of that. Unfortunately, LegalZoom doesn’t warn you that you’re going to experience hiccups along the way. Doing a clearance search with me, you’ll know all this far in advance.

Lawyers bring the experience of representing clients who have gone through mistakes — we’ve seen mistakes play out. We have seen contractual terms go wrong, and we bring that firsthand experience to the table that you and LegalZoom simply don’t have.

Helping You Build A Strong Foundation

As I’ve said, my work is centered around simplicity. I think my client retention rate speaks volumes when considering whether I am successful in this. Even if my client “leaves the nest,” they typically end up coming back – not necessarily because anything went wrong, but because they’re growing, so they need a new contract or have new vendor agreements that need to be drafted.

Many clients have come to me for trademarks, returned for their contracts, and continue to come back after they’ve secured funding and need to rebrand. This is my ideal scenario – centering my office as the go-to resource from trademark to rebranding and beyond. It’s a lovely cycle, and it’s wonderful to be a part of seeing a business evolve.

What’s more, this creates a professional relationship where most of my clients are really good about not trying to do things themselves, understanding that I’ve got their back when things go south or simply they don’t have the time to do all the research they’d need to solve a problem. But my work doesn’t stop at just simplifying complicated issues and solving problems.

Driven by my passion to genuinely help my clients, I often take the extra step to mark up their contracts for them. And you know what? I think they find this most helpful. When I do this, I leave notes in the margin for them that explain things thoroughly. I also encourage them to re-save these documents with all the comments in the final form so they can refer to them (if not outright reuse them) when making a different contract. Furthermore, this dramatically empowers my clients to confidently discuss the details of a contract with their vendor or client when a misunderstanding or disagreement arises.

My aim truly is for my clients to know exactly what their contracts mean. I don’t want to send them out into the world without knowing what their contracts protect them against. What good is that? So, if the process that I just mentioned doesn’t work and I need to go over each clause with my client in a video call, we do it. Why? Because part of the pride and joy I experience as a lawyer comes from knowing that my clients understand precisely what their contracts say and what they protect them from.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit, Dedicated To You

I am a small business and entrepreneur firm that represents small to medium-sized businesses. So, if my client’s business outgrows my firm, I’ll happily refer them to another one that is better equipped to meet their needs than I am. In fact, it’s incredibly rewarding to see clients who grow their business to this point. I understand choosing the appropriate business counsel in Texas is vital for their success, so I don’t pry in an attempt to force you to stay in my grasp.

At the end of the day, my approach as an attorney isn’t just about drafting contracts or securing trademarks; it’s about being an overall business partner in a sense, helping you grow along the way in the capacities I can. If you find yourself seeking a legal ally who not only drafts agreements but strives to cultivate your understanding and growth every step of the way, know that my door is open. We’ll navigate all of the complexities together as you get your business off the ground, ensuring that you are both legally protected and strategically positioned for success.

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